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What we do: We organize international and domestic tours for groups. Our specialties are performance and cultural tours.  Whether you have a band, chorus, orchestra, dance ensemble, jazz group, or cultural group, we work with you to deliver the tour experience of a lifetime

Our strength: We work closely with group leaders and our long-term international partners to design and execute a perfect customized tour. 

Financial Information

Here is some financial information you may need while planning your trip with us. If you have any questions, please, contact us for more details.

Travel Insurance

Before you go on a trip, you should take care of many essential things. One of them is travel insurance. Most countries require visitors to have health insurance, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, not all travel insurance plans provide coverage for COVID-19-related problems. While many countries are gradually easing most of their coronavirus-related restrictions, it's better to make sure your insurance includes COVID cancellation coverage.

It is recommended for your insurance plan to include a minimum of $100,000 per person for COVID medical coverage and 100% cancellation coverage. On average, the cost of your travel insurance plan is about 6% of the cost of a trip. The total amount depends on the insurer and the plan you choose. Here are the best travel insurance plans to allow you not to worry about any emergencies:

  1. Cat 70: They provide the Travel Plan that includes emergency medical coverage of $500,000 per person and 100% cancellation and interruption coverage. Quarantine coverage is also included. Moreover, they cover travel delays or baggage loss and delays.
  2. HTH Travel Insurance: Their Trip Protector Preferred plan with maximum accident benefits per person of $500,000 and 100% COVID cancellation coverage has also an All Reason Cancellation option (not available in NY and WA).
  3. Axa Assistance USA: Their Platinum program provides $250,000 of medical limit and 100% COVID cancellation coverage.

You can’t fully protect your trip from cancellation, interruption, delay, or medical emergencies, but you can buy a travel insurance policy to cover them.

Payment Methods

You're welcome to pay for your travel online or in person in any convenient way. We accept:

  • Debit cards;
  • Credit cards;
  • Cash;
  • NFC mobile payments.

You can use any card of Visa, Mastercard, or American Express payment systems.

Face some problems with paying for your tour out of pocket? Use our partners' alternative payment methods and additional financing programs, such as:

  • gift cards (coming soon);
  • $600 vacation loans;
  • credit cards' reward points;
  • installments.

A $600 loan is available with any credit in a few minutes! Don't let your financial difficulties come between you and the vacation you've been dreaming about for so long.

An Average Budget Per Person

We are happy to take care of you and always respect your time. So, we calculate the approximate budget per person for our most popular tours and destinations.

Belgian Beers Tour

Brewing beer is a Belgian family tradition. It’s the best choice for those who love beer and want to know more about this drink. The tour cost starts from $3,800 per person (or $3,400 per person if you’re going in a couple). You may also need some money for extra beer, meals, personal purchases, and transportation. On average, you need from $60 to $100 extra per day or from $420 to $700 per person if you come for a week.

Art Treasures of Italy

Enjoy all Italy can offer you, culturally and gastronomically. As part of the tour, you will visit Venice, Florence, Rome, Vatican City, and Ravenna. The tour price starts from $4,500 per person for 10 nights. Plan your additional expenses and personal purchases from $60 to $150 per day.

The Many Splendors of French Culture

Enjoy all the France from the Cote d’Azur to Provence, visit Lyon and Avignon, and enjoy the road through the beautiful Rhone Valley. At the end of our trip, we succumb to the charms of the ambiguous Paris and feel the phrase "See Paris and die". The tour price starts from $3,500 per person. Plan your extra purchases and expenses from $70 to $150 per day.

UK & Scotland Heritage

Plunge deeper into the history of foggy Albion and enjoy a rich excursion program with visits to all the iconic sights and cities. The cost for 10 nights starts from $3,300. On average, based on the experience of our tourists, it requires $100-$145 per day for your additional expenses.

Spain Heritage

Enjoy sunny Spain, its unusual architecture, rich culture, measured rhythm, and unique sightseeing. Tour prices start from $3,300 per person. Past travelers have spent on average from $80 to $120 per day for their extra meals and personal purchases.

The cost does not include flights, tourist taxes, and entrances to sightseeing out of the tour programs.
We know that sometimes it can be difficult to pay for a trip right away, with many daily expenses and problems you face. That's why we offer installment payments and vacation loans for travelers to make it easier for you to join our programs. Contact us now for more details!


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  • Great exchanges with local groups
  • Personalized consultation process to refine your customized tour
  • Careful selection of venues to suit your ensemble and assure audience
  • Consultation on repertoire
  • A knowledgeable and professional staff of musicians and travel pros
  • Tour presentations to excite your group