Bach’s Organ World Tour!

June 2 – 11, 2020


Lee Ridgway, Boston organist and harpsichordist, and Mark Steinbach, Brown University organist and senior lecturer, will lead the seventh “Bach’s Organ World” tour to Germany, June 2-11, 2020. This tour focuses on organs spanning 280 years in the Berlin-Leipzig-Dresden triangle. A feature of the tour is that participants have ample time to play the organs, in addition to learning about the organs’ histories and contexts within the organ building traditions of this central German region.

Included on the tour are three organs with which J. S. Bach had a direct connection: the Hildebrandt organs in Naumburg and Störmthal, and the Trost organ in Altenburg. Other highlights are Silbermann organs in Dresden’s Hofkirche and in Freiberg; the 1624 Scherer in Tangermünde; and the 1905 Saur in the Berliner Dom.

A new feature of the 2020 tour will be masterclasses on key instruments, including Silbermann organs in Freiberg, and the Hildebrant organ in Naumburg, plus possible opportunities for classes on other organs. These classes will look in more detail at registrational possibilities, technical matters related to playing these historic instruments, and interpretation.

Both Lee and Mark have played and performed on many historic instruments, including those featured on this tour.

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“… Try as we might, we can’t come up with any suggestions as to how to improve the tour; we think your formula is spot-on.”

Alan and Leonie Peterson – Bach’s Organ World Tour 2022

“This was a wonderful tour. I would like to say once again what a fantastic guide Lee was. He was so patient with such a wide range of abilities and his knowledge of the subject was encyclopedic. Thank you once again”. 

Jay MacCubbin
Bach’s Organ World 2022