Q:       Can you help us when we don’t know which country to choose?

 A:        We take as much time as you need to discuss options and make decisions about where to tour and why.  This is based on your interests, priorities, budget and potential for best audiences, and other factors. The consultation is important in best fulfilling your mission.


Q:        If I’ve never taken a group overseas, how will I know what to do when arriving overseas or at our destination?

 A:       As soon as you arrive at the airport in the country of your destination, a full time professional bi-lingual guide will meet you, stay with you throughout the tour and handle everything until you are checked in for your return flight home.   You will not need to worry about arrangements.


Q:         Will we have help in determining the most affordable tour and learn ways to cut costs?

 A:        We work with you to determine the most efficient travel routes and help you choose other needs to keep your priorities in tact while reducing overall costs.


Q:        Will our group members have free time to explore the things they want to do and see in addition to the activities planned in the group itinerary?

 A:        Depending on the age of the group and needs of the leaders, we determine the itinerary based on your wishes, whether you want lots of free time or want to have a full itinerary.


Q:        Will individual members in our group be able to stay longer?

A:        We can provide the option of a late return usually after the tour has ended for members to stay on and return home at a later date. This is sometimes determined by airline policy. Or members can make their own airline arrangements and pay the Land-Only cost of the tour.   We appreciate knowing this need at the time of booking and advise early decisions for any members who want to extend their stay so as to take advantage of best airline options and costs.


Q:        How do we pay for the tour?

A:       Upon contracting, we need to receive a deposit to be determined by amount needed for airline and overseas deposits to hold space.   Remaining payments can be divided into 2 or 3 installments to be completed 6 weeks before the group departure date when airline tickets and overseas payments need to be made in full.

The option for individual payments can include credit card payments. And registration and payments can be made online.   Each group will be provided with an ID and password to sign into their own group information where forms are provided.

A student or adult group may qualify for discounts which can be determined in consultation with the group leader prior to contracting.


Q:        type of concert venue?

A:        Each performing group will have the best venues chosen based on repertoire, acoustics, and the ability to generate good audiences.


We encourage early consultation and throughout the planning process.